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Marketing ESM We are giving our young athletes the opportunity to have an exposure and showcase their talents with professional media marketing; offering reports, photographs, video, and high-level graphic art, as they all deserve! Thank you for the support!


Join the great #ESMFAMILY ! Our Membership includes:

Coverage for 4 games

5 graphic arts

More than 20 photographs

1 video clip*

Player Profile

** Review**

* Video Clip - Capture the player doing what they do best!

**Player Profile: A professional digital presentation that includes all relevant player information.

*** Review: A great way to get to know the players about their goals as athletes and students.

Cost $300 Note: $300

• Coverage of 4 games

• 5 graphic arts

• More than 20 photographs

• 1 video clip

• Player profile

• *Add-On:* $20 per month to keep membership active after coverage of 4 games, during games where ESM will cover.


Effective sports media is an advertising agency focused on creating platforms of exposure for youth through an advertising campaign that generates a profile of each student which is able to communicate their interest and skills through photos, videos, news, reviews for exposure on the social networks of each student


Provide effective advertising strategies that achieve great impacts so that students, schools and brands achieve their goal through ESM.

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Video marketing is the use of video within a digital strategy to publicize, position and sell a brand, company, product or service in order to achieve the objectives you have set for your business.

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  • Photo Editing

  • Graphic design

  • Advertising on different Social Networks

  • Consultation for the management of Social Networks

  • Reviews of their performance

We have the best team of photographers with many years of experience. We carry out photographic productions with the greatest professionalism, dedication and excellence.


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Thank you for contacting us!

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