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Effective Sports Media (ESM) is a sports marketing agency that provides services to promote and support athletic talent.

ESM PASS is an exclusive pass that offers unlimited access to photos, videos, and exclusive interviews related to the world of sports marketing.

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1. Prospect Highlights Media:

We organize an exclusive event for ESM Pass members, where we create comprehensive sports profiles with athletes' statistics. Our main goal is to promote athletes' performance and maximize their opportunities to obtain educational scholarships in the future. Through a comprehensive marketing approach, we capture the attention of potential educational institutions and provide them with detailed information about the participants' talent and athletic achievements.


2. ESM Style:

We represent athletes who remain focused on achieving their goals. Our brand highlights those athletes with a unique and determined style on their path to success.


3. ESM Poadscast:

We have a program where ESM athletes have the opportunity to share their goals and challenges in a unique way, allowing them to stand out differently.

4. ESM Awards:

We organize an event that rewards talented athletes, photographers, and media professionals who work with youth sports. It is a way to recognize and celebrate achievements in the sports field.

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5. ESM All-Star Game:

We host an event where the best ESM athletes come together on the field to showcase their talent and skills. It is an opportunity to witness a high-level sports spectacle.

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6. ESM Pass Business:

It is a unique opportunity for companies to partner as sponsors of our sports marketing initiative.

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